Ukrainian song time

Natalia Bagmut, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine on ETHNO FM.

The name of Natalia Bagmut, the host of the popular program “Ukrainian Song Hour” on 87.7 FM – Ethno Fm Radio, is listed in the Book of Records of Ukraine, appears on the covers of three song albums with author’s songs and two song music collections. And Natalia’s creative path began in 1982, when, after graduating from the music department of the Chernivtsi Pedagogical College, she began working as a music director in a kindergarten in the city of Brovary.

In 1991, when Ukraine became independent, everyone around wanted to sing songs in their native language, there was practically no Ukrainian children’s musical song repertoire. Natalia began to write songs for children in her native language: both poetry and music. A couple of years later, her songs were already sung in all kindergartens in the city. Then Natalia became the head of the House of Creativity, and in the evening, after the main work, she led the choir of the Evangelical Church “Praise and Worship”.

Listen on Saturday, at 11:00 am, the program “Ukrainian Song Hour” with Natalia Bagmut.

On Monday, from 8:00 to 10:00 pm, a repetition of the program “Ukrainian Song Hour” with Natalia Bagmut.